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My Story

My formative years were spent being raised by my grandmother on her farm in the country. I called her “Momma Lillie”. Everything we had came from our animals or from what we grew in the garden or field.

She was the best cook and taught me everything I know about cooking, and not just the staples… cakes, pies and all kinds of desserts.

She never had any written recipes or used any measuring tools, all she had was her hands. It took me a while to figure out that what she could fit in her hand was about a cup, and a pinch was about a teaspoon.

As a child, I had braces on my legs and couldn’t go out and play like regular kids, so I spent many happy hours with her in the kitchen and paid attention when she was cooking.

It brings me great pleasure to share some of her best recipes with you. Every item I make reminds me where I come from, who taught me and that overcoming adversity can be both sweet and satisfying. I hope my products will bring you as much joy eating them as I have had making them. Everything I make is baked with love.

Thanks Momma Lillie!

– Sutton Rogers
Owner and baker
Cakes by Sutton